THE WESTERN CAPE: PART 01: This the story and It starts with an insight: I open my eyes, the light is faint; it’s 6:59am, August 2009, why do I have my jeans and hiking boots on? It’s my last day in Africa. -Why am I awake?! 

Flash Back; I spent my last three weeks driving miles and miles around African countries. I’m back in Cape Town after a week in Namibia. Without ever stoping, I went downtown with a friend, had some beers and a chunky piece of animal flesh. 

Back to 6:59am; I still have my jeans on… So these are my three thoughts for the day: 1. Stay in bed (couch…) 2. Go and have some magnificent South African breakfast 3. Carpe Diem, life is short, kick the shit out of this life, have no regrets, enjoy my freedom. 

Option 1: I close my eyes… 

Objective: Seize the day.

Strategy: Create an adventure.

How to seize the day: Head west and go the farthest I can in one day. It’s 7:03am; my hiking boots drag me to the shower… Ready, set: ToothBrush-Jacket-Camera-Taxi-Airport-CreditCard-Keys-Door-ENGINE-GO! The steering wheel is on the right, the stick shift is on the left and you drive in the  left-lane. It can get confusing and dangerous when driving alone… Which one is my lane? Oh shit! It was left… no right… no LEFT! Sorry… 

 The Western Cape is a “World Heritage Site” -it’s the smallest of the six floral kingdoms (Boreal or Holarctic, NeotropicalPaleotropicalSouth African, Australian, and Antarctic)- an extraordinary diverse place where most of the plants are endemic. 

The scenery: a panoramic beauty that hypnotizes me, leaving me driving without music for hours. The light is pure, the atmospheres is light, and the leaves and clouds move 1/4 slower than every other place on earth.

I stop at Stellenbosch and ask myself, am I in Africa? It looks like I’m in a French impressionist painting, at a museum, walking slowly without making an abrupt sound that would mess up the scenery. Every house is beautifully crafted, the esthetic value of the place is it’s pure design and the people are friendly. Everything is perfect, but, it’s not exactly seizing the day. I need to rethink my strategy…

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