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SXSW DAY 3: uncut and unedited notes:


@ Creating film for computer: AAtoaa web-friendly director

  • Do well with nothing
  • Do better with little
  • Do it now

A short film with two layers of video one red one blue, you cold look through blue with one eye you could see de red layer using the red film in the other eye you could see the blue layer of the movie, you could wink during the movie to switch layers of the movie.

TransMedia… Your campaign evolves…

Directing a website 

As you move the video tempo moves:

Prototyping a small team and more time

@ Interactive documentary: 

  • Interaction and narrative are not great friends 
  • Old media: Disney, Viacom, etc,  new media: google, Facebook, etc…

Ipad iteractive documentary: Alma a tale of violence

Condition one:

Gaza sderot:

MIT moments of innovations:

Keep on stepping: 

@ tumblr: reblogging is the way people that don’t create exposé the art of the creator 

Random: Google glass the Segway for your face, Interface data and reality, Powermaping, t: casparsonnen

SXSW DAY 2: uncut and unedited notes:
Elon Musk, el dude fundo Paypal, es CEO and CTO de Tesla (Electric Cars), CEO de Space X y es dueño de solo city.

Elon Musk, el dude fundo Paypal, es CEO and CTO de Tesla (Electric Cars), CEO de Space X y es dueño de solo city.

@ Mobile Loyalty

Stop Callings It a phone

Insight: people use their phones for shopping, search and …

26 open one 13 two 9% more than 3 times

It’s personal, first thing you do is change it.. Personalize it, apps are about here and now

Know your better than know them self

Use analytics to know them


Mobile content has to be devoted a division of the company  

Notification: op-in?

Big ideas need content and you have to committed and it cost!!

Engagement matrix is the goal of you product 

@ David vs Goliath: a sharing economy or peer to peer economy may be disrupting de economy, Peer to Peer exchange, access, ownership, peer power.

Moving out one size fits all to personalization. Find places in a city that it wasn’t available to stay. Less attracted to mass culture more to individual personalization.

Not interested in growth

Not interested in growth, what increase their sales but not invest the time, so it depends on competition, and their time, management. Illinois etsy teams continue the story… Create curriculum for entrepreneurship

Aquarium more cars to start their bussines 

A new economic model for individuals… What are the reputation systems for indivisible compare to corporate support, help consumers? Airbnb uses a 1 million dollar insurance.

Peer to peer or wealth fare? We need to advertise the value of work

@ Make Love not Porn: the etsy of sexy

User say what is real sex

Curated content, charge $5 no para ganar dinero pero para filtrar los trolls 

Average age a kid see hardcore porn is 8

We wanted flying cars and instead we got 140 characters, this is the future… 

@ Design for chaos:

Pinterest is an inspiration

@ Present shock: over whining; put to much pressure on something

“The real skill to have in a digital age is pattern recognition. How do you recognize patterns over time? You don’t draw connections between things - but it’s a kind of seeing.

How do you do this kind of work without looking in the rear-view mirror? Market researchers are giving you “what just happened” rather than “What is happening".